Can I have multiple items shipped in one order?

Yes! Fill your Cart and go to Check-Out. The shipping for individual items will be totaled there. Do not check-out yet! Send us an email, blitz (at) teamblitz (dot) com, and request to have your shipping adjusted. We will modify your check-out total using the most efficient packaging options for your order. Once we have consolidated the shipping, then check-out.


Can I pay with a Check, Money Order, or other Non-Paypal method?

Yes! Mail check or money order to Team Blitz, PO Box 666, Johnstown, OHIO 43031 USA, in US funds, and include shipping as shown in Check-Out. To use Mastercard, Visa, or Discover Card, you can complete check-out via Paypal. Or, if you prefer us to process your card order, send your card details by email to blitz (at) teamblitz (dot) com.